Sagamihara City certifies 10 products from 9 companies/supports development of sales channels for small and medium-sized companies in the city

トライアル Sagamihara City held a certification ceremony for the “Trial Order Certification System,” which supports the development of sales channels for the excellent products of small and medium-sized companies in the city, at the Municipal Industrial Hall (Chuo Ward, Chuo City) on September 9. From among the products of companies that applied, 9 companies and 10 products were certified, based on the opinions of academic experts. In addition to introducing the system on a trial basis, the city will create catalogs and joint booths at exhibitions. [September 20, 2022 issue, prices and information are current at the time of publication.

At the ceremony, Mayor Kentaro Motomura presented each company with a certificate of certification. Some of the products were designed to address social issues such as disasters, aging populations, and countermeasures against infectious diseases, and some have already received a positive response from the market. The certification period will last until the end of March 2025.

Mayor Motomura said, “We have the second highest percentage of small and medium-sized enterprises in the designated cities.” He greeted the participants.

Mark Electronics (1 Hashimoto-dai, Midori-ku, Sagamihara), a manufacturer of electronic and electrical equipment and medical devices, received certification for its “Doctor Mark” remote monitoring device for intravenous drips (reference price 55,000 yen), which was developed to reduce the burden on nurses. The device uses microwave Doppler radar, which is used in automobile collision prevention systems, to detect drips. It notifies smartphones and PCs via wireless communication of flow rates, abnormalities in dripping, and the end of drips.

Ace E&L (6, Azamizodai, Minami-ku, Sagamihara), a developer and manufacturer of sound collectors and other devices, offers “Character Talk” (71,500 yen), which can be connected to a smartphone or other device to provide voice input. It is a tool that supports voice input by connecting to a smartphone or other device. The set consists of a transmitter with a microphone that picks up voice and a receiver that connects to a smartphone or other device, and “enables fast and accurate voice recognition regardless of the user’s voice quality or environmental noise,” according to the company. It is intended for use in taking meeting minutes and for written communication with the elderly and deaf (people with hearing disabilities).

Ronk (5 Nishi-Hashimoto, Midori-ku, Sagamihara), which specializes in digital wireless technology, has received certification for its “Two Speak Assistant,” which makes it easier to hear voice through an acrylic stand while wearing a mask. Two Speak Assistant” (74,800 yen), which makes it easy to hear voice through an acrylic stand while wearing a mask. The stand microphone with speaker and the headset with microphone can be used for both simultaneous calls, and can also be used hands-free.

Net Field’s “Ogapot” (1,650 yen), a disaster/emergency toilet, uses sawdust generated when trees are thinned in Tsukui as an absorbent. The sawdust is specially processed to ensure that it absorbs water and dirt. The company has also developed “Ogapot Pro” (¥192.5/liter), which adsorbs wastewater generated at construction sites and building maintenance and can be disposed of as industrial waste.

Comtec (Tana, Chuo-ku, Sagamihara): “Quick Shield NEO,” a foldable emergency blindfold (58,020 yen); Bit Trade One (Kamimizo 5, Chuo-ku, Sagamihara): “KTR-1,” an introductory control learning robot kit (70,000 yen). iFORCOM (3 Hashimoto, Midori-ku, Sagamihara): electronic manuals for business procedures, “iClops” (initial installation cost: ¥5,000); and “KTR-1” (¥7,128), a robot learning kit for beginners. Unitex (Toyomachi, Minami-ku): “Optical Media Archive System,” a centralized management system for optical disks. Unitex (Toyomachi, Minami-ku) = “Optical Media Archive System,” a centralized management system for optical disks (reference price: 5.5 million yen).